Women in the Bible, Part 3

Kevin McGill

Audio Recording:

One reason to trust the unique inspiration of the Bible is because of what it says about women, or, more to the point, what it doesn’t say about women. The Bible never says that women, as a group, are unintelligent, gullible, deceptive, difficult, emotional, sexually wanton, temptresses, evil, or inferior to men, which is what a lot of ancient texts say about them. In fact, the Bible says a lot of good things about women. Many women are described as beautiful, intelligent, courageous, resourceful, and enterprising. And some women functioned as prophets, teachers, advisers, leaders, and deliverers. Join us this week as pastor Kevin goes into part 3 of our new series about women in the Bible. This week we look at the nameless lady who reached out with a touch of faith.