When We All Get To Heaven/The Secret Presence of God

Hanz Jouissance John McLarty

Audio Recording:

Sermon Synopsis – Hanz Jouissance:  As a child I thought about going to heaven just to play with the lions and tigers.  What do you imagine you will do when you get to heaven?

Sermon Synopsis – John McLarty:  At the last supper, Jesus took the bread that was on the table in front of him and said, “This bread—the loaf in my hand, the pieces that I am handing you—this is my body.”  It was ordinary bread, not “communion bread.”  It was from a local oven, not from the temple.  His words of consecration invite us to see in every loaf of bread, every package of cookies, every box of crackers, the body of our Savior, yes, and even, we may say, the very body of God.  The real difference between “holy bread” and “ordinary bread” is the vision of faith and the openness of our hearts.