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Spring Lecture Series 2023

In 2017, Alicia Johnston came out as affirming of same-sex marriage and transgender people and as bisexual in a viral video that resulted in her forced resignation as a pastor in the Adventist Church. Her story was featured in several news outlets, such as NBC and Religion News. She has since written a book explaining affirming theology for Seventh-day Adventists called The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists. This is the most comprehensive explanation of affirming theology for Seventh-day Adventists. She is working on similar resources for a broader Christian audience. On her YouTube channel, you can find weekly videos responding to sermons by non-affirming pastors and helping Christians be more inclusive of LGBTQ people. She often speaks for churches, conferences, podcasts and dialogues with pastors and LGBTQ Christians. See her work at

Alicia’s passion is helping churches to be inclusive of gay, bisexual, and transgender members and helping those members to navigate the often turbulent waters of Christian churches, communities, and families. While she believes in and teaches theological affirmation of same-sex marriage and transgender people, she also helps pastors and church leaders to improve the lives of LGBTQ members regardless of their theological stance. She holds an MDiv from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University and a MA in Clinical Psychology.

Friday, May 12

6:30 pm PST

Fellowship Hall

Vegetarian Soup Potluck

7:30 pm PST

Fellowship Hall/Online

What about the Bible?

Different theological perspectives on LGBTQ Christians

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Saturday, May 13

Sabbath School, 9:30am PST


What is it like to be an LGBTQ Adventist?

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Church Service, 11:00 am PST


The Unexpected Neighbor

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Sabbath Afternoon, 1:15pm PST


The Bible & Same-Sex Marriage, Plus Q&A

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