Shout Hallelujah

John McLarty

Audio Recording:

Shout hallelujah. Go ahead. Do it. It will be good for you. At the very center of our faith is the conviction that God will triumph. Goodness will triumph. The story of the universe will arrive finally at perfect justice and mercy. Between here and there are dark chapters, pages so bleak and desperate we can scarcely bear to read them. The church is called to live in those dark places, to keep company with those who grieve, to lament the horrors and outrages that haunt humanity. It is our duty to work for the amelioration of the troubles of the world. Sometimes the misery overwhelms us. Sometimes we grow weary in our mission. Then we come together again in worship and sing hallelujah. We celebrate the triumph of the righteous king. In our earthly singing we hear echoes of the heavenly music, and in the words of the song, “hearts are brave again, and arms are strong.” Hallelujah!