Saints Among the Heathen

Speaker: John McLarty

Audio Recording:

Abraham, the father of the Jews, was called by God to make his home among the Philistines.  It worked out well.  It was a good home. They were good people, at times acting more nobly than did Abraham. David, who became the most famous king of the Jews, found shelter among the Philistines, and without their protection, would have been annihilated by the sitting Jewish monarch, Saul. Without the protection of the Philistines, there would have been no “House of David.”  Jesus, the father of our faith, the King of the kingdom of heaven, found shelter among the Egyptians from the hostility of the religious leaders and the murderous ambitions of King Herod.  Without this Egyptian hospitality, there would be no Gospel.  Let’s aim to be at least as hospitable as the Philistines and Egyptians.