Lessons from Our Bodies

Speaker: John McLarty

Audio Recording:

God delights in trees and rocks and human bodies. The divine pleasure in these earthy realities is evidenced by the stories of creation and the stories of Jesus. The first creation story tells of God’s creating soil and trees and critters and humans. The second story focuses sharply on humans and dramatically claims both our physical loveliness and our relational joy as the art of God. When we come to the Gospel, some of the most compelling vignettes picture Jesus at the center of a glorious storm of healing. Crowds, sometimes almost mobs, of people gather around Jesus because he makes their bodies whole. He ends their pain. He sets their souls free. If we imagine God as an artist and creation, especially human creation, as God’s art, it is not surprising that we can find rich lessons for spiritual life in the concrete, indisputable realities of physical existence. One such lesson: life is a gift. No amount of effort by an individual can create life. And this gift invites nourishment, cultivation, and protection. It is the same with spiritual life.