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During this highly infectious time, the decision has been made to have on-line church during January. We wish all our members, families, and friends who have tested positive for COVID at this time an easy and speedy recovery.
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July 2020

Shake off the Dust…

Sermon Synopsis:  God calls us to witness to His loving salvation.  We are responsible for the mission, but we are not responsible for the response of those who refuse His love and grace.  This message shows us how to exercise … Continue reading

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Resting in God’s Smile

Sermon Synopsis:  Sometimes our place—our calling, our duty—is to quiet ourselves, to remember our place as beloved children in the kingdom of heaven, the household of God.

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Wealthy, Happy, Holy

Sermon Synopsis:  Abraham and Job are famous for being both fabulously wealthy and wonderfully magnanimous—like God.  Most of us have some measure of wealth, some blessings beyond what we need for mere survival.  Let us aspire to be famous like … Continue reading

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Sermon Synopsis:  Abraham was a wanderer, a nomad with no settled place.  His descendants were foreigners in Egypt, never fully assimilated.  Still, Abraham and his descendants dreamed of a place of their own.  It was a dream planted by God.  … Continue reading

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Sermon Synopsis:  Our national documents give voice to exalted ideals—all are created equal, liberty and justice for all, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Recent events have forced us to confront national failure … Continue reading

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