Monumental Vacation Bible School
Celebrating God's Greatness
Aug 8-12 2022 | 5:30-7:30pm
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75th Anniversary Events
August 27 - Worship, picnic potluck, afternoon fellowship, and activities
Friday, November 11 - Zoom panel and reminiscences
Saturday, November 12 - Worship, potluck meal and Vespers
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In-person Services
In-person services have resumed with masks and social distancing. Our online broadcast will continue. Check with your Sabbath School Teacher for class times.
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June 2020

Even If

Sermon Synopsis:  Life is rarely picture perfect.  Surrounded by Covid, political division, and the virus of racism that is plaguing our country, it seems hard at times to communicate with God.  Habakkuk gives us a glimpse into how, even with … Continue reading

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Saying It Does Not Make It True

Sermon Synopsis:  A religious scholar asked Jesus, “What’s the greatest commandment?” When Jesus answered, “Love God and love your neighbor,” the scholar, making his won moral judgment, said, “You are right!” Still, today, when moral and spiritual claims are made, … Continue reading

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Power and Authority

Sermon Synopsis:  Power—the ability to compel others to yield—always stands under the moral judgment of legitimate authority.  Even God’s power is constrained by the moral authority of justice and mercy.  God’s authority is rooted not in divine power but in … Continue reading

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God Isn’t Looking?

Sermon Synopsis:  They kill widows and foreigners and murder orphans.  “The LORD isn’t looking,” they say. “and besides, he doesn’t care.” (Psalm 94).  God help us do better than that.  

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