GLC Youth Group
Intersections is a youth group offering weekly activities and spiritual nourishment for a range of ages. Most Saturday afternoons Pastor Andreas Beccai leads kids and young adults (often parents too) on a local hike, a singing and fellowship visit, or to share food, hang out and shoot some hoops at a youth group member’s home. Pastor Andreas also encourages spiritual growth and peer support for middle school and high school age kids through several midweek online meetings.

My dream and vision for the GLC Youth this year is very simple, I want them to love Jesus. In Alan Hirsch’s The Shaping of Things to Come he speaks about ways that sheep can be kept in a pen. He says you can build a fence to keep them in, or you can build wells and they will stay. Powerful, isn’t it! I pray that you will partner with Pastor John and myself as we model and point toward Jesus, The Well that will pull and satisfy the heart and imagination.
—Andreas Beccai, Associate Youth Pastor

For information on this week’s activity and the upcoming schedule please contact Pastor Beccai.