Green Lake Preschool
and Childcare
Established in 1988, Green Lake Preschool and Childcare is licensed to serve 44 children ranging in age from 12 months to five years. The preschool’s goal is to surround children in a safe, caring, sharing, learning, and growing environment. Developmentally appropriate materials, toys, and activities compose the curriculum, grouped by age and developmental needs. It is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Cypress Adventist
Located north of Seattle on a 10‐acre campus, Cypress Adventist School offers K-8 students and parents an exceptional education experience with small, multicultural classes. Graduates are well qualified to pursue advanced placement programs in high school. Seventy-five percent of Cypress graduates have continued to college at institutions including Harvard University, University of Washington, Oxford, and Washington community colleges.

Music is a vital part of the Green Lake Church with several thriving music groups, including a junior choir, an adult choir, and an intergenerational orchestra. Musicians at all levels of experience and abilities are welcomed into these groups. Each week, musicians from within the faith community offer their musical gifts as part of our worship experience. A new organ, enhanced by several digital ranks, provides us with the equivalent of an approximately 80-rank pipe organ, enhancing our singing together in worship and supporting all our musical groups.
On-going projects benefit the local community as well as the international arena.  Some, such as Feeding the Homeless and Homeless Carepackages, occur throughout the year while others are one-time seasonal events.  Your participation is vital, whether hands-on or financial.  Ideas for additional community involvement are encouraged.

Playing together fosters interpersonal and intergenerational relationships, so Green Lake Church provides opportunities for social interaction throughout the year.  During the cool months, activities–socials, amateur hours, potlucks, Christmas breakfast–remain indoors.  In the summertime, we move outdoors with softball, Sabbath hikes on Washington trails, picnics, and bike rides.

Study opportunities at Green Lake Church include Sabbath School classes, a Bible study group during the week, and the semiannual Lecture Series. We’d like to offer additional opportunities; if you have a request, let us know.