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John McLarty

Sweet Dreams

John McLarty
July 15, 2017

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was visiting with a prominent clergyman. We talked church, of course—policies, people, history, and changes we would like to see. Then conversation drifted to our children. His daughter was making him proud. He was holding his breath for his youngest kid, the one who is an artist, and therefore, of course, starving—well, between jobs. Then I asked about his eldest. I saw the pain flicker across his face. He talked of hoping and praying and waiting. His greatest ambition is the success of his son. Healthy relationships, responsible work, prudent living. So with God and humans. Some of us are doing well. Some are floundering. Some are lost. Some need rescue. For all of us, God has ambition. He dreams of our success. He beckons us toward holiness, generosity, responsibility, compassion, integrity. God is not trapped in the deathly commitment to retributive justice. Rather, at every point in the human journey, God imagines a path from there to glory. That is God’s sweetest dream.

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