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John McLarty

Law and Love

John McLarty
April 1, 2017

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Thursday, I listened to a speech by an old lawyer to a group of lawyers. He began by reminding them of their core values—law and justice—and then told stories of times when brave lawyers had used the law to provide justice for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. I was reminded of our core values—Law and Love. The very best stories in Christian history feature brave people who have used the Bible (divine law) in support of love. Fernando and Anna Stahl, Adventist missionaries in the Andes, stood on the Bible to fight for justice for the miserably oppressed indigenous people. Martin Luther King, Jr. cited the Old Testament prophets in his struggle against the oppression of his people and American brutality in Vietnam. The Quakers listened to the inner voice of God and cited the words of the Bible in their effort to secure better treatment for the insane and liberty for slaves. It is never enough to be merely “people of the Book.” We must also be people of God—whose most noteworthy attributes are love and mercy

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